Home Made Chinese Dumpling

3 06 2010

Since the Chinese Dumpling Festival is just around the corner, my in-laws had started making dumplings last week. These delicious delicacies are usually eaten once every year although it can be easily bought at any time of the year. But nothing beats having to see how the dumplings are made first hand.

The main ingredient is the gluttonous rice which has to be soaked overnight so that it become soft.

Dried winter melon strips are added to give a tinge of sweet taste.

Besides that, there were also dried shrimps…


Dried sotong…


Fried mince meat and…

Chinese sausages.

All these ingredients are put onto the bamboo leaf which give a unique smell and flavour to the rice.

To ensure that the shape of the dumpling remains in a triangular form, the rice are compacted and skillfully wrapped so that the dumplings looks exquisite.

The dumplings are boiled for around 4 hours before they are ready to be eaten.

Here are the pictures of the delicious dumplings!

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