Josephine & Wee Kin @ The Loaf

24 05 2010

Last Friday, I took my colleagues for lunch at The Loaf which is located at Empire Gallery. While we were all enjoying our lunch, I decided to take a few quick shots of them. It was a fun session as we shared a few laughter together while both of them were trying to look natural in front of the lens. Lol, things became a little awkward later when our little escapade  attracted the attention of other customers who gave us a peculiar look.



7 responses

24 05 2010

nice portraits!

* oh.. btw, was the food good?

24 05 2010

Oh yes… I will post up the pics of the food later. They are very tasty!

25 05 2010

Very the Nice!

25 05 2010

Batman, you should joined us that day! The Loaf served nice food! 🙂

25 05 2010
Muheza the Blackrose lady

Wow!!.. Wee Kin, so sweet in this photo shoot… She’s photogenic!

25 05 2010

Totally 100% agreed!!! She is not only photogenic, she is always the most beautiful gal. 🙂

26 05 2010

Nigel, you have some beautiful colleagues 😉

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