15 05 2010

My cousin has developed a free iphone app which can be downloaded from iTunes. Here is a snippet of what the app is all about.

xWindshield simulates an expensive feature only available in expensive luxury cars. By placing your device facing up to your windshield, the speed and direction of your car will be projected onto the windshield. Hence, you can concentrate on looking straight to the road while having a rough idea of your speed and direction. This is commonly known as Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Features included:

✓ HUD mode for night time use. Project your speed and direction to your windshield

✓ Normal readable mode for day time usage

✓ Speed in two types of units (Kilometer per hour, and Miles per hour)

✓ Easy to switch between modes and units. Touch the screen and it’ll toggle between different modes and units

✓ Clean uncluttered screen for easy reading

To download this cool app, just click here.

You can also see the app in action via YouTube.

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