Noel @ Empire Gallery

12 05 2010

I woke up early last Sunday and joined Jackal and Dion for a photoshoot with Noel. We decided to choose the newly opened Empire Gallery shopping mall at Subang Jaya for our photo outing. Noel was a great sport despite being a little uncomfortable at first. Unfortunately, the session did not last long as we were all feeling hungry soon after.



One response

16 05 2010

told u all before….star bucks, coffee bean…or any cafe are a great place for modeling shot.

can feature the model, sitting there lonely and having thought, or joking around with friends, having a sip on the drink, holding the mug and stairing at it, pretending smelling the aroma of the coffee, reading magazines, flipping thru books, playing with mobile phone, awaiting for phone call, sitting beside the glass wall and looking outside, or looking outside (raining), picking a piece of pastry at the counter, happily enjoying the cake….etc.

great place, great shots.

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