Suzuki Swift

31 03 2010

After getting my car polish and wax, I had this idea of taking a picture of my ‘new’ car. I drove along this straight road and waited for the moment when there were no passing cars. Don’t be misled by those Japanese words. My car is a plain vanilla ride without any modification done.



4 responses

31 03 2010

Lucky number, fast fast buy 4D.

31 03 2010

Haha…. thanks for the tips.

31 03 2010

wow nice….

24 04 2011
Kenneth Tang

Hi Nigel, saw this blog post on my “possibly related posts” link. Love the Swift poster with the Jap words a lot!!!

If you blacked out the number plate or photoshop it to a Jap plate, you will probably fool most people that this photo/poster is from Japan.

Here’s my wee attempt at ‘faking’ Japanese:


And very nice photos man, but… “y u no show your EXIF data!?” T_T

Keep it up!

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