Okonomiyaki @ Lowyat Plaza

4 03 2010

After our visit to Nikon Centre, my cousin and I stopped by the food court at the lower ground floor of Lowyat Plaza. Apparently, there is a stall at the lower ground floor serving Okonomiyaki which is a popular Japanese pan fried pizza. As with most typical restaurant setting, we were seated right in front of the cooking area to watch how the meal (Okonomiyaki Mayo – RM 16.00) is being prepared.

First the batter is being spread in circular motion on the cooking surface.

Shredded cabbage are being put on top of the batter…

… together with some seasonings to add some flavour.

Bean sprouts are placed on top of the cabbage…

Depending on which variant of Okonomiyaki, the toppings are usually filled with seafood, chicken, shrimp, pork and etc.

Sliced bacons are also added.

Some mayonnaise sauce on the top…

A closer look at the Okonomiyaki.

Later all the ingredients are being placed on top of the yaki soba noodle.

An omelette is being prepared as well and and placed on top of the Okonomiyaki.

Once it is cooked, Okonomiyaki sauce is applied to the surface using a brush.

Spring onions are generously sprinkled…

Mayonnaise is added in zig zag lines.

And voila! The delicious Okonomiyaki.

A closer look at it.

Daimon Okonomiyaki
Lower Ground, Plaza Lowyat
Te: 03-21422877

Takoyaki Sauce on Foodista

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