Sarawak Kolo Mee @ Ara Damansara

10 02 2010

Many years ago, I went to Kuching, Sarawak to attend my sister’s wedding. During my short stay there, I managed to try their famous local dish called Sarawak Kolo Mee. Essentially, it is similar to wantan mee  except that they do not use any black sauce. It was really tasty and I can still remember how good it was until today.

So when I stumbled across this stall in Ming Yang selling Sarawak Kolo Mee, I did not hesitate to order a plate.

For RM 4.50, I must say that the serving is quite generous.

However, instead of using the usual char siew for meat, they substitute it with slices of fish cakes which were quite okay for me.

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed with the noodles. The noodles are flat yet springy at the same time. And of course, some green vegetables to add colours to the dish.

True to its origin, they do not put black sauce too. Overall, I enjoyed the meal a lot. Although I have rarely tried Sarawak Kolo Mee elsewhere, I can say that this one is pretty good.

Restoran Ming Yang
Jalan PJU 1A/41B
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan


Mak Long Warong Satay @ Jalan Puchong

8 02 2010

It’s rare to come across a ‘Warong’ indigeniously built on a former abandon wooden house. Mak Long Warong Satay is a prime example where minimal renovation provides the right dining ambiance akin to an old Kampung village. I spotted this place a few weeks back when its big banner was hung on its entrance. Feeling the appetite for satay (skewered meat), I decided to stop by this place to fill my stomach.

Rows of satay are seen stacked up on the red container waiting to be cooked.

I ordered the Mak Long ABC too which tasted not bad at all. Instead of the usual shaved ice dessert, they also include pineapple cubes and a dollop of red beans on the side.

And here are the satays. We ordered the chicken and beef variants as you can see here.

Each stick costs RM 0.70 which is just about the price you paid elsewhere. I prefer the chicken flavour as the meat is tender and sweet.

The best way to eat these skewered meat is with nasi impit (RM 1.00) and cucumber and onions with the spicy satay sauce.

Warong Satay Mak Long
Tel: 012-2434866
Located along Jalan Puchong (Batu 6) after turning in from Old Klang Road.

Little Wok Mee @ Ming Yang

7 02 2010

Since my office is located near to Ara Damansara, I will usually drive to Ming Yang Restaurant to eat during my lunch break. Although the place is situated at the back of NZX, the amount of customers seen during lunch hours is surprisingly good. I guess this is partly attributed to the good food that are prepared by the individual stalls there.

Last week, I ordered the Little Wok Mee which is served with.. yes, a little wok. As cute as it is, this is not the first time I seen such dish. I guess apart from its cosmetic appearance, the noodles are cooked using the wok.

I chose yee mee and added fried fishballs since I felt very hungry that afternoon.

For RM 5.50, the portion was really generous. They also gave a few pieces of prawns too.

As you can see, the noodle is nicely cook (not too soft) while the gravy is thick. I finished my meal in no time as it was really appetizing.

Restoran Ming Yang
Jalan PJU 1A/41B
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Sheila @ NZX

3 02 2010

Right after our morning shoot at Ara Park, we decided to head towards NZX. The cooler temperature courtesy of the shades in that area was a welcome change for us. Thanks to Sheila for being so professional and understanding throughout the entire shooting session.

Sheila @ Ara Damansara

3 02 2010

Last weekend, I joined my colleagues for a photoshoot session with Sheila. We decided to meet at Ara Damansara early in the morning. It was quite a challenging shoot for me as the lighting was very tricky due to the harsh sunlight. But overall, it was a learning experience for me.

Fusion Haven… again

1 02 2010

I had my lunch at Fusion Haven last week with my colleagues. Fusion Haven, as the name implies, offers a unique blend of fusion cooking style. Think of it as a mix of East meets West and you will get the pretty good idea of what it is like.

We ordered the Unagi Rice Noodle Ball as appetizer.

The outer skin is deep fried with shredded carrots, rice noodle and seaweed rolled up inside.

Very tasty indeed. The soya sauce on the bottom combine with mayo cream on top provide a blend of salty and sour taste.

This is also one of my favourite dish – Unagi Omelette.

As you can see, there is a nice omelette on top of the rice with chunks of Unagi and Kimchi. Highly recommended.

I took the set lunch (Macau Chicken Pop Rice) which is a new addition to their menu. The chicken is cooked with sweet sour sauce while the rice came with mushroom sauce on top.

As simple as it sounds, the taste is spot on! This is my second time ordering this meal so you can tell how good it is.

As for dessert, this is something worth trying. The Warm Heart Chocolate consists of a muffin resting on top of a piece of ice-cream.

While the ice-cream is cold, the muffin is warm. When it is opened, the thick chocolate syrup will flow out blending with the ice cream.

Fusion Haven
43G, Jalan PJU 5/21 The Strand
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6142 3980

Fish porridge @ OUG

1 02 2010

I always enjoy eating ‘tin gai’ porridge at OUG. Located at the corner of Jalan Hujan Rahmat Dua, the stall is opened at night with a picture of a cartoon frog on its florescent signboard.

What makes this place so special? The porridge is thick and the ingredients (a choice of fish, tin gai, prawns and etc) are fresh. Each order is individually cooked using claypot thus giving it better flavour.

I don’t really have the name of the shop but it is located next to Pino’s.

Here are the pictures of their fish porridge.

As you can see the meat is thick and fresh. The porridge costs RM 7 per bowl. The serving is really generous and will definitely fill up an empty stomach in no time!

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