Nathan’s @ Bukit OUG

23 02 2010

Mamak is certainly the choice of place to eat for any Malaysians who are looking for affordable food. There are certainly plenty of mamak stalls around. One the my favourite from many years back is Nathan’s which is located at Bukit OUG. Throughout the years, this restaurant has attracted scores of people with their serving of local delicacies.

Last week, I went there to have a plate of their Maggi Mee goreng. While it is not the best that I have tasted, it is still good.

The secret to a good plate of Maggi Mee goreng is the moisture of the noodle and the ingredients that they used to fry it together.

And of course, nothing beats having a glass of Ice Milo to cool down the body after a spicy meal.



3 responses

25 02 2010

Ahhh…what an ultimate good meal 😉

22 11 2010

Also check out Nathan’s Nasi Lemak, Poori and Roti Canai Goreng.

23 11 2010
Nigel Low

Oh yes… their nasi lemak is fantastic.

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