Ice @ Technology Park Malaysia

20 01 2010

Last Sunday, my colleague organised a shooting event at Technology Park Malaysia. Kudos to Ice for being very accommodating throughout the entire session despite the mosquitoes and harsh sunny weather. It was an equally challenging photoshoot session for me as well,  since there were eight photographers vying to get the best angle to take her shots.



One response

21 01 2010
Candace Chan

Not targeting at this post, but I always wonder isn’t it too hot and humid to wear a long sleeve sweater in Malaysia?
I am amazed at how people in a hot and humid climate country like Malaysia could wear long sleeve (especially sweater or jacket) out on the street. I remember last time when I went back to M’sia, I was drenched in my own sweat just by sitting inside the living room of my relatives in Kepong, my uncle then turned on the standing fan and only then, my sweat stopped slipping down from the sides of my face. Really, I wasn’t exagerating, Nigel you know this relative of mine, their son is one of your best friends, ask his dad and if he still remembers it, he would tell you I was so embarrassing sweating like a pig sitting in his living room 😦
It really look kinda funky when people are in their long sleeves (sweater, jacket) while the sun is hanging up high in the sky scorching people’s skins.

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