Meatworks @ Solaris

14 01 2010

Last Thursday, I decided to bring my girlfriend for dinner at Solaris, Mont Kiara. Despite hearing so much about this place, I have never been to this place until that night.

Initially, we wanted to try out the Japanese buffet at Tenji but after looking at the price, we decided to look elsewhere. That was when we stumbled across Meatworks which is just right in front of Cold Storage supermarket.

Meatworks is a restaurant, deli, butchery and meat studio all mixed into one. With its unique concept, customers can walk in to purchase fresh meat and even participate in cooking classes apart from dining in there.

For starters, we took the Meatworks Chips (RM 12) which is basically fries with spicy garlic sauce.

The fries were thick and goes well with the garlic sauce.

I also ordered a cup of Earl Grey Tea…

As for the main dish, I ordered the Texas BBQ Burger (RM 24) which comes with ground beef chuck, Texas BBQ sauce, North Carolina Coleslaw and corn crusted onion rings.

The beef was tender despite asking for it to be cooked well done. The BBQ sauce was flavoursome too. The only problem was the size of the burger. The beef chuck was quite thick and and I had to eat the individual pieces of bread, onion rings and meat separately.

My girlfriend tried the Portobello Burger (RM 24) which comes with ground beef chuck, chargrilled Portobello mushroom, sliced cheddar cheese.

This is how it looks like…

The beef chuck was really thick. Here’s a picture of the meat with cheddar cheese on top on it.

Overall, the food was pretty good. Although the price is not cheap, the portion and taste makes it all worthwhile.

MeatWorks Restaurant @ Solaris
2G 3A, Jalan Solaris 5, Block H
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Directly across Cold Storage)
Tel: +603 6203 0871
Fax: +603 6203 0872

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