Hon Kee Porridge @ Petaling Street

8 01 2010

While Petaling Street or ‘Chi Cheong Kai’ is famous for imitation goods of all sorts, there are still a handful of stalls there which retains its traditional Chinatown heritage .

Fruit stalls are commonly seen with the traders shouting aloud the best price for their oranges or apples.

Even the longan stalls which have been trading there for ages are still seen at this place.

And of course, who could not recognise the famous ‘Air Mata Kuching’ or Longan drink stall at the junction where endless line of customers are eagerly wanting to quench their thirsts on a typical sunny day.

Petaling Street is also the place to go for cheap fresh flowers such as roses…

Since I was a young boy, I remember the scent of grilled chestnuts whenever I walked past the road.

But if there is one thing that everyone shouldn’t miss are the old restaurants that have been operating for generations. One fine example is Hon Kee porridge which has been selling their famous raw fish porridge since 1959. What makes this place really special is their fish porridge. Don’t be surprise to see a plate of raw fish on the table when you order their ‘sang yu chuk’.

The best part of the meal is when these slices of fish are poured into a bowl of steaming hot porridge.

You can imagine how tasty to porridge is filled with the goodness of fresh cooked fish!

We also ordered a bowl of ‘You Tiao’ to eat along with the porridge.

The easiest way to find Hon Kee Porridge by locating Hong Leong Bank. Hon Kee Porridge is just right opposite the bank. In fact, there are tables set up in front of the walkway of Hong Leong bank as well.



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