Hotel Impian Morib, Banting

24 12 2009

Here are some pictures taken at Impian Morib which is newly opened hotel along the Morib Beach. I was quite surprise to see a nice resort in the middle of nowhere, especially when Morib isn’t really a developed area yet.

Somehow, the swimming pool water was rather murky on that day as the water pump system was out of order. That gave me an opportunity to take a reflection of its building there.

It was very quiet morning. All I could hear was the sound of wave from the nearby beach.

The place sure looks pretty nice for a weekend holiday. The room rates are around RM 180++ per night. Here are some other pictures taken.

Hotel Impian Morib
Tel : 03-31982070 /2512/2417/2416
Fax : 03-3198 2052

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