Mee Sedap Instant Noodle

15 12 2009

Instant noodles is one of the favourite choice for a quick meal among Malaysians. Mention the word ‘Maggi’ and people would instantly think of the distinctive yellow packaging with flavours such as Tom Yam, Asam Laksa or Chicken printed on the front. Although there are many different brand of instant noodles around, the word Maggi has somehow been loosely used as a generic term to describe instant noodle.

Although Maggi has always been the #1 choice for most people, there is another brand of instant noodle called ‘Mee Sedap’ which is quite noteworthy. Literally means ‘Delicious Noodle’, it is fast gaining popularity here due to its tastiness.

Since I have nothing better to do, I took some pictures of how this lip smacking meal is being prepared. The noodle is boiled in hot water for about 5 – 10 minutes…

And while waiting for the noodle to be cooked, the seasoning powder, seasoning oil, chili sauce and soya sauce) are poured onto the plate so that it can be mixed with the noodle later.

Here we have the springy noodles which has just been cooked.

Add the crunchy fried onions which comes together with the instant noodle…

Mixed it all together and voila! A plate of tasty Mee Sedap.

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