Lord Stow’s Portuguese egg tart

2 11 2009

I had the privilege of tasting the authentic Portuguese egg tart from Macau which was brought back by my girlfriend’s father. Prior before this, I usually had those from local bakery shops which tasted pretty good. But tasting Lord Stow’s Bakery Portuguese egg tarts has brought a new meaning to the word ‘delicious’.


The fillings is so soft and creamy with a rich taste of custard flavour. The outer skin is flaky akin to curry puff texture. I gobbled up the first tart within seconds and had the second one soon after. Yes, it was that good!


According to Wikipedia, Portugese egg tarts were evolved from “pastel de nata”, a traditional Portuguese custard pastry which was created more than 200 years ago. The Portuguese-style egg tarts known in Macau originated from Lord Stow’s Café in Coloane, owned by a Briton named Andrew Stow. Stow modified the recipe of pastel de nata using techniques of making English custard tarts.

If anyone goes for a trip to Macau, make sure you spend time looking for these delicious tarts. Trust me, it is really that good!


Room Eighteen @ Tropicana City Mall

2 11 2009

Room Eighteen is a newly opened restaurant by Tai Thong group at Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya. Those that love Chinese cuisine should give this place a try as the food is pretty good. I had a chance to try their food last Saturday while walking around the mall.


The interior looks very contemporary for a Chinese restaurant.


For appetizer, they serve us with a bowl of crackers with sweet sour sauce and toufu with rojak sauce. Overall both of them tasted alright and helped to fill our stomach before the main dishes arrive. My only complain is that it costs RM 6 for the appetizer which is not cheap.



There is a set lunch promotion going on at the moment where each set meal costs around RM 12+. However, customers can’t choose which meal they would like to have as they have only two choices of set lunch dishes every day. However, we were lucky as they have prawn dumpling noodles on Saturday. The dumplings were quite big while the skin is amazingly thin. I guess it takes a pair of skillful hands to wrap the skin flour around the fillings. You can almost see the content of the dumplings since the skin is semi transparent.


They even thrown in a cup of mango pudding as part of the set lunch menu.


I tried the steam rib rice which comes highly recommended by the waiter. It is also in the set lunch menu but only for Tuesday (if I remember correctly). Anyway, I decided to order this despite not having a free drink that comes with a set menu. Despite that, I have no regret at all. The rice was soft while the steam ribs are very flavoursome. I think the ribs were marinated before steaming it, hence the yummy taste.


While I didn’t get a chance to try the other stuff, I figured the restaurant must be quite popular judging by the Saturday afternoon crowd. Those who loves Chinese food should give this place a try.

Room Eighteen
Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
Tel : +603 7728 8128
Fax: +603 7728 8182

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