Sakura Cafe & Cuisine @ Subang Skypark

1 11 2009

I read in the newspaper that the old Subang Terminal 3 airport has recently went through a major face lift. In fact, the opening ceremony was officiated by our Prime Minister sometime last week which indicates that it has to be a major overhaul project.


Dubbed as Subang Skypark, the place is set to become a modernised aviation hub for jet setters requiring private jet services.


Besides the obvious repair, overhaul and maintenance facilities, the place has also grown into a F&B centre with major brands like Starbucks and Big Apple Donuts opening their outlet there. I was curious to see how the place turned out to be and decided to have lunch there last Friday.

While walking around the terminal, we stumbled across Sakura Cafe & Cuisine which is a well known restaurant in Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.


I ordered the Hainanese chicken rice which comes with steam chicken and shredded carrots on top. The sauce is salty and slightly sweet at the same time. Overall, I like it a lot.


My colleague took the spaghetti which tasted quite alright too. I find the sauce slightly watery but then again it is a matter of personal taste.


However, the highlight during the lunch session was this set of nasi bojari ordered by another colleague of mine. Nasi bojari can also be found at  another restaurant chain called Madam Kwan’s but I just found that both restaurants share the same owner. Nasi bojari is a royal dish from Indonesia. The yellow fragrant rice is made from turmeric hence giving the deep yellow colour texture.


Since it is a dish for royal people, it is accompanied with several type of meat.

Deep fried chicken…


Sambal prawn….


… and beef rendang


After seeing the food (and tasting it), I kind of regret not ordering this instead. But overall, the food in Sakura Cafe & Cuisine is pretty good and this does not come as a surprise due to the long history of its main branch in Imbi.


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