Oldies @ PJ Old Town

11 10 2009

I still fondly remember my mum buying a packet of chicken rice for me after getting my hair cut at PJ Old Town many years ago. The chicken rice stall was always packed with people waiting to get their stomach filled with their delicious roast chicken. While many things has changed over the years, I am glad that the stall is still around.

Famously known as Kie Kee Chicken Rice shop at the PJ Old Town Selera Makan, anyone staying around Petaling Jaya would know where to find it.


There are two good things which makes Kie Kee stands out from any other chicken rice shops. First, their recipe has always been consistent. When I had their roasted chicken drumstick today, the taste is exactly like how it was when I first had it. It is hard for any cook to prepare the same dish with the same level of consistency throughout the years. But Kie Kee is one fine example of how one can remarkably sustain the same standard all the time.


The other good thing about Kie Kee is the price. Nowadays with everything ballooning sky high, they are still one of the the cheapest chicken rice stall around. For two plates of chicken rice (one with drumstick) and an additional bowl of rice, the meal costs only RM 7.60. Anyone will be hard pressed to find meal that cheap nowadays.


The other favourite dessert at PJ Old Town Selera Makan is the chendol & ice kacang store. Service is very prompt as the owner will quickly walked up to the customers asking for their orders once they sat down. I can only guessed that their gula melaka (palm sugar) is somewhat different from the rest. It is not overly sweet yet they manage to ice blend a bowl of chendol or ABC with a good taste of palm sugar that packs a punch.


The shop name is called ‘Gerai Minum Weng Kee’.


Pay a visit to this place and you will be surprise how old school eatery stalls are still a crowd puller despite fancy restaurants mushrooming on the other side of the town.


11 10 2009

While waiting for our food at Kie Kee chicken rice shop, I took out my camera and started taking pictures of my girlfriend. I always prefer if the subject is not looking at the camera as it gives a more casual feel to the picture. Anyway, here are two quick snaps of her.

DSC_0454 copy

DSC_0457 copy


11 10 2009

It has been a long time since I fell sick – really sick. Last Wednesday, I was hit with a bad sore throat which eventually led to high fever. I thought going to the doctor for an early treatment on the same night might help. But it turned out that the medication wasn’t strong enough to fight off the fever.

To cut the story short, I was out of action for the last two days. If it wasn’t for a second visit to another clinic to get a stronger dosage of antibiotics, I would still be lying on my bed right now.

Thank god I am feeling better now. Just take a look at the number of pills I need to pop every now and then.


Lunch @ Ikea

11 10 2009

While Ikea is well-known for its home furnishing products, their cafe is usually crowded all day long which was a good indication of the good food that are being served there. Since I was shopping for some stuff there, I thought it would be a good idea to have my lunch there as well.

I ordered the Swedish chicken leg with herb sauce and lemon sauce. For RM10 a plate, I’d say that it is value for money. The chicken was soft and nicely cooked.


I also enjoyed eating the Swedish meat balls (10 pieces) which costs RM 9.90 a plate. When I had my first bite, I could only think of two words; tender and juicy. According to my girlfriend, they used to serve bigger meat balls, but I guess Ikea’s policy of maintaining its price somehow translates to smaller serving portion. Well, at least the taste is still good.


And finally for RM 2.90 per cup, I was given a choice of either tea or coffee. Overall, it is a great place to have lunch while shopping for home accessories.


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